Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July

Well, it just happens to be 4th of July, although this post isn't related to the holiday in any way. Except maybe that I get to knit more than if it was not a day off. We won't be starting our festivities till later, and since we're not hosting, it's more a day for relaxation and fun than hectic preparation for a party. I'm liking it... :)

Lately, I've knitting this thing like crazy, trying to get it done so it wouldn't face the same destiny as last year, when I quit knitting it at the end of August, and it never got done.

I'm not even absolutely sure I have enough yarn (unless I have a hidden ball somewhere, and just can't find it -that's very much possible), but I'm not going to quit now, I'm going to keep going till the bitter end.
This pattern is adjusted from the summer issue of IK, the shirt on the cover. My gauge isn't exactly the same as the yarn they used, which is ok, I have no problem adjusting for that. But the lack of measurements in the graph is little frustrating. I have slight doubts about the shoulder straps coming from the back, fitting the shaping in the front, since the decreases are not done in the same ratio. Also, calculating based on the stitch count, the neckline opening in the front is 30 cm wide (that's 12 inches, folks!) -now, I'm a girl who must wear a good bra, and there's no way I'm going to wear a shirt with a 30 cm neckline opening! So I'm modifying that a little, as well. Pretty soon you could say that only the idea for this shirt came from the magazine, but everything else has been changed.

By the way, next time I'm planning on knitting summer wear, would somebody please remind me that I don't like knitting with cotton! This yarn especially is splitting on me all the time (not that all cotton would necessarily do that), and giving me all kinds of grief, particularly because I don't look at my work all the time when I knit. I've had a couple of instances where a split stitch has caused an unwanted increase in the middle of the work.

Right now I'm just dying to start something fun and colorful, especially seeing people knit all those afghans with pretty colors. My favorite so far is Terhi's color combination -soooo pretty!


Brandy said...

Thanks for your comments about the tea towels. I did the finishing on them today. I started weaving to use up handspun since I thought my handspun might be more suited to weaving instead of knitting, but most of my weaving has been with cotton!

My loom is a 20" Schacht Rigid Heddle with a 12 dent reed. It clamps onto a table so it is portable. I have mine set up permanetly so I can weave in small increments here and there.

I bought it from a Briar Rose Fibers in Canby, MN which is about 40 minutes away from my home. I chose this becuase of the size and thought it would allow me to become familiar with weaving. I like it and am finding that it is fairly versatile eventhough it only is considered a two shaft loom. A good website to look at different brands and sizes is Paradisefibers.net. Prices are pretty comparable. The gal in Canby also sells Louet products and I know a gal in Groton, SD that sells the Ashford.

Hope that helps!

Stitchy Fingers said...

Did you see the Yarn Harlot's post on July 4th where she tells about the crochet cast-off for knitting? She says though that it is a firm bind-off but you can knit until you run out of yarn.