Thursday, July 27, 2006

A basket case?

So what do you knit, when it's almost a 100 degrees outside? (Notice the word almost; thankfully it hasn't been quite as hot here in SD, as it has in some other parts of the country. Today was a mere 91 F, or 32 C.) Some people might choose not to knit at all (not an option...), some might choose to knit with cooler fibers, such as cotton, bamboo, silk or soy. But no, not me. Want to see my project basket? (I guess I'm showing it whether you do or don't) Here:

Yup, that would be a bunch of wool and a half way done mitten. But I wanted to knit something in color so bad. Yes, I know the cooler fibers also come in all kinds of colors, but I'm really a big fan of good old fashioned wool, plus I was itching for a fair isle something, and it just made most sense to start a pair of mittens. And guess what, in just a few short months I'll be glad I did. The summer seems to turn into winter here in South Dakota without warning, with no real fall in between. Always be prepared!

Here's the front of the mitten:

I got some ideas from here, but other than that, I don't really have a pattern and I'm pretty much making it up as I go. That website is really cool, though, go take a look. Don't be alarmed because it has some foreign language text on there, and it's not very well structured. If you click on one of the links in the top middle section and then scroll down (way down), there's a whole bunch of free stitch patterns there that are easy to print, and go from simple to very intricate and from traditional to contemporary. A great resource, if you want to design a fair isle project of your own.


Sonja Poor said...

Wow! These are looking great. I'm working on a pair of mittens, too, but here in the Deep South who would need them? I just want to make them. What yarn are you using?

Maud said...

Beautiful mitt! I like the colours a lot, really nice combinations. And thank you for the link, there are really a lot of pattern! I looked through the Norweigian, and was pleased to see more than just the traditional Norwegian.
I was just yesterday putting in an order for mitten yarn. The season is here before one realize it, so it's better to be prepared.

lene said...

Great looking mitten! And good colours.

Saija said...

Kivan näköiset lapaset! Ja kuumassa neuloessa ja hikoillessa ne huovuttuukin siinä samalla ;-) Lainesukkasi ovat myös hienot. Kaivoinkin odottamassa olleen, oikeaa mallia odottaneen tumman vihreän sukkalangan heti esiin.