Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm back

That's right, the vacation is over, and everyday life has set in. Well, it was inevitable, and I guess I knew it was coming. :) On the knitting front... not quite as much progress as I thought there might be. There was actually quite an embarrasing little booboo -I meant to take the lacey top (the new beginning) with me, and work on it there (how suitable that would have been, since I bought the yarn on my trip to Finland last summer), but somehow only a ball of yarn and an extra pair of needles made it into my suitcase, and not the work itself. So all I have to show for myself is this:
I did manage to turn the skein of Malabrigo into a scarf, using a very simple feather and fan pattern. It's not very long, since I only had one skein, but I wanted a shorter scarf that could easily be tucked in into a coat (sometimes that seems more practical than having two long ends of a scarf hanging from your neck).To distract you from the lack of knitting progress, here's a couple of other pictures from our trip:

Gotta love that midsummer greenness of Finland... South Dakota doesn't quite compare. ;)


Sigga Sif said...

Welcome back! The scarf is very nice - I like the colors.

Did I miss a sand castle building competition on Senaatintori while I was back home? Jeez, how disappointing!

Midsummer in Finland is wonderful, especially if you have a summer cottage (with sauna) to enjoy it at :-)

Anonymous said...
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