Thursday, July 20, 2006

The good, the bad and the UGLY!

Ok, so maybe that doesn't suit exactly, because there really were two good things, and one that was both bad and ugly. First the good.

Good thing #1: I had a pattern published! Yes, that's right, my wavy socks from back in May. They can now be found here. It's in Finnish, I know, but if anybody is interested, I can sure translate the pattern and post it here in my blog in English. (I look like a ghost in the picture next to my profile, but that's just a minor detail.) About the other patterns, don't you just love this crocheted bag?

Good thing #2: The new KnitPicks needles showed up. I had ordered a bunch of circulars. Some of the bigger sizes (4 - 5 mm) in the detachable (Options) kind, and some of the smaller ones in the regular (classic) kind. I was pretty pleased with the quality, especially considering the price. I do hope, however, that they would offer the smallest ones in the 100 cm (40 ") length, as well.

The bad and the ugly: The KnitPicks Palette yarns also showed up. OMG... the colors. Horrible. Terrible. UGLY! They are sooo artificial looking, nothing like in the pictures. Anybody who knows me, knows how little affection I hold for anything artificial -let's talk about Velveeta, Cool whip of acrylic yarn! Some people might call me a snob, but I like think of myself as a purist. ;) I'm unable to capture the horror with my camera either -if they actually looked like the pictures I tried to take, they'd be pretty decent. The worst ones are the oranges, which are nearly neon colors -they'd be suitable maybe for knitting stocking caps for hunters, or vests for high way workers, but not for much else. Needless to say, almost all of these ugly, ugly yarns are headed for the dye pot. Come to think of it, I have dyed almost every yarn I have ever ordered from KnitPicks... And the only one I liked quality wise was shimmer. Maybe I ought to learn the lesson and stick to other yarn stores.

This is the only one that looks close to the same in the picture as it does in real life:

Now what's this supposed to be? Artificial butter scotch? Yuck! I ordered brown!


beadlizard said...

I love the crocheted bag -- that's something even my MIL might like!

Glad your socks were published. Feels good, doesn't it?

You'll do something magical with that yarn and start a fad. What had you planned to do with the yarn? Did you get one ball of each color? --Sylvia

Tuulia said...

Moi! Löysin tänne vasta Ullan kautta :) Olen noita Paleten värejä ihmetellyt itsekin, ne näyttää ihan karseilta. Ne sopii lähinnä kai kirjoneuleisiin.. Ja KP sais tehdä niitä ohuempia puikkojaan pitempinä myös, eikä vaan niitä isompia! Pitääpä häiriköidä niitä kun tullaan Suomesta.

(Sori, ei taipunut sit millään englanniksi.)

t. rva San Diegosta :)

JT said...

i would love a translation of the wavy socks please please

Miss Tonia said...

I, too, would love the translation of the wavy sock pattern.