Tuesday, July 18, 2006

FO party!

The blue cardi is finished! I so love knitting this tiny sweater, all it took me was 10 days. Although I have to admit that this was the first kid size sweater in hmm... 16 years? The last one I made was for my cousin when she was maybe 3 (hi Ulla!), and now she's in med school. I once started (and almost finished) a sweater for my first born (who turns 7 next week), but he turned out to be such a hot head that he could never wear a wool sweater -he sweats plenty without.
So here it is. I was of course in such a hurry to take pictures that I couldn't wait till tomorrow and day light to do it... but maybe the recipient will be so gracious as to model it for us tomorrow, and we can get some "in action" pics.

Here's some detail shots -the sleeve and the pocket:

The collar:
And a close-up of the inside of the collar:
I got really lucky with the buttons. I didn't think I'd have anything that would fit even remotely, but then I found these cute little pewter buttons in my fairly small stash. There were 6 of them (I had six button holes!), and they had a little diamond design on them that matches the diamond on the pocket and in the back -how perfect! Almost looks like I planned it! ;)

Project specs:
Pattern: my own, size 2T
Yarn: Novita Wool, 100 % merino, four 50 g balls, and a little bit of Novita Nalle in the light blue
Needles: Inox circular 3.5 mm
I used tubular cast on in all the edges to get a neatly finished effect. I knit the collar as a separate piece to get the same effect on the outer edge of it, and also to avoid having to cast off there, because it's hard to get it to look nice.


beadlizard said...

Truly perfect buttons. Such a nice looking sweater! Bet it gets worn and worn and worn... --Sylvia

Anonymous said...
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