Saturday, July 08, 2006


Ok, so I didn't get all the ends woven in on top yet, but I just had to start something new! I went digging through my stash, and found several projects I could start. I flipped through knitting books trying to find the thing that called my name the loudest. But what I decided to settle on, wasn't in any of the books. And the yarn -I don't even know how it ended up in my stash, must be something I inherited from my mom, because it's a discontinued yarn that was bought at a clearance, and I know I didn't buy them. Here's a couple of swatches I managed to produce:
I don't have a lot of it, only 4 balls, but I think it'll be enough to make S a sweater (he will be 2 next week.)
It will have pockets with a little diamond pattern on it:And tubular cast on in another shade of blue:
There are very nice instructions for tubular cast on in Knitty. Out of the button bands above, I'll be doing the vertical k1p1 rib, the horizontal just looks too messy.

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