Friday, April 28, 2006


Remeber this baby from last week?:

Well, the fun thing about having several projects on the needles is that you can sometimes crank out finished objects with what seems minimal effort. Like I told you last week, the Print O' the Wave shawl was almost ready, missing only a few rows of edging. So I finished her last night, and she got to go blocking, too!
This yarn really needs some day light to show it's colors properly, and of course it was way past my bed time as I was finishing up and started blocking -so no day light. Needless to say, my blocking pictures didn't turn out at all.

The pattern shows up much better against my black shirt, and you can even see the edging in this one.

The technical details for this shawl:
The yarn was KnitPicks Color Your Own, a little over 440 yds (100 g), dyed with Pro-Chemicals fabric dyes. I used the Inox 3.5 mm circular needle, and Eunny's pattern with 30 pattern repeats in the center panel. Finished dimensions are 48 x 128 cm. (sorry, I only work in metric units ;)


Minna said...

Ihananväristä lankaa ja kaunis huivi! Olen tähän asti nähnyt vain yksivärisiä versioita kyseisestä huivista, mutta kirjavakin lanka sopii näköjään upeasti huiviin. :)

Brandy said...

I stumbled on to your site via Claudia's. I am also from South Dakota and trained as a scientist. Do you spin too?? I don't know a lot of knitters--especially lace ones. I will be checking out your blog more often!I would love to hear from you!

Monica said...

It looks lovely, well done!

Leena-Päivikki said...

Loistava lopputulos! Laskitko muuten tunteja, kuinka kauan tekemisessä meni? Kuinka pitkä huivi on kauttaaltaan?

Leena-Päivikki said...

No, olihan se pituus siinä! Luin huonosti....:D