Saturday, April 22, 2006


It's already been a very busy day, but in the middle of all the busy, I've still managed to get some knitting done while sitting in on my son's basketball practise. Now this is some basketball, I tell ya, 40 kindergartners in the same room bouncing balls all over the place... it's actually very entertaining, if you don't take it too seriously that nobody seems to be able to remember more than one rule at a time, if even that. Anyhow, today I left the house without my knitting, and we had to turn back, of course. An hour and a half of sitting still with nothing to do? Unacceptable... So I made some proggress on H.H.:

- a couple of rows of diamonds. Interestingly, the only person there who's ever asked me about my knittin (and I've been knitting something every time), was my chiropractor today, who's son also plays basketball there. He was very impressed by the picture, when I showed him what it'll look like. :)

Some knitters have commented on the size of H.H. -it is on the small side, even though I don't think it looks too small in the picture in the book. Must be a gauge issue. Sylvia for example is increasing the size of hers quite a bit. Mine will be fairly small, especially with the yarn I'm using, but I actually prefer that this time. I won't go into details why, because that would reveal too much about my secret (see previous post). ;)

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