Sunday, April 02, 2006

Slippers, the in-between-projects

A while back, I had to figure out something for a friend as a baby gift, and I came accross this Kraemer Mauch chunky wool at Yarnia, and look at those delicious colors! I immediately started seeing images of all kinds of felted projects, but first and foremost, adorably cute baby booties. After a couple of tries, I ended up with these:

Another color combination:

Here's the same bootie in my hand to get a sense of the size:

I used 7 mm needles, and crocheted the edging around the opening, as well as the strings. I machine felted tem first, and then continued with some hand felting to better be able control the shape.

I also made a bigger pair that fits our small 11-year-old:

My husband, who generally isn't all that interested in my knitted items, asked me, if I could make him a pair of slippers as well! So they must have looked quite comfy! ;) He, of course, wanted a little more subtle colors, tones of brown, which I have a boat load of, so no problem. Then he went into explaining what the slippers should look like, and "... on the top, you could do like a design, like deer or a turkey...". Huh, WHAT!? Ok, I'll work on that... (still working, no pictures to show;)

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