Sunday, April 16, 2006

Is that like a bag or something?

A question regarding this baggy mess:

Well that is the Print O' the Wave getting a border, of course! I was ready to say that this was almost a quick knit (I ended up doing 30 repeats of the pattern), until I figured out how much knitting is still left before I'm all done. 208x2+80x2 stitches... that's 576 stitches, which translates into 1100+ rows, because only every other row will be attached to a live stitch. The width of the rows is 19 stitches on average, so not very wide, but that's still a lot of stitches.
I've been knitting like crazy today (just ask my family), and I'm still not even half way done. Well, almost. Here's a close-up of the edging I found a slight mistake in the graph for the border, but had it not been 11 PM when I was trying to figure it out, it would have been a very quick fix. Well, the next morning it was quite obvious what I was supposed to be doing. :) No I'm just dying to get this thing done, so I'm ready to start the next project when the book finally shows up.

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