Saturday, April 08, 2006

a little something

I came accross this little bag of metal loops that I'd bought some time ago for possibly making a few stitch markers, although so far I've managed to get by without. But these were going to be really cute, because of the millefiori beads I happened to find in my bead stash.

I took them outside for a photoshoot to better show off the beautiful glass beads:

Now I just need to start a project where I could use them. I'm thinking one of these scarf projects will probably require the use of stitch markers. I don't know i I have enough of them -might have to make some more, but that would mean another trip to the bead store. How terrible... ;)


Bonzairn said...

Those are really pretty! Enjoy using them!

Leena said...

Would be lovely key rings, as well! Simple but amazingly beautiful! You should travel to Africa to see what kinds of beads they are having there -lovely!