Monday, May 01, 2006

Then what?

Ok, so I finished two projects. Now what's a girl to do? Well, cast on for another pare of socks -nice summery cotton blend yarn and instant gratification:
I think these stripey yarns benefit from patterns with horizontal elements, instead of vertical, which gets lost in all the stripeyness, and makes the whole thing look like a mess. So I added a little twist to the ribbing (it shows better in natural light, but the flash shot will have to do for now): Posted by Picasa
Here's the finished one on my foot. The wool/cotton (41/34 % with 25 % polyamide) feels sooo comfy...
I must have more of these...
I'm knitting on US #2's (2.25 mm), and using 70 stiches. I have super wide feet -I would actually need double wide widths of shoes, but just guess how many stores carry those. Well, at least I can have my socks fit. The benefit of having feet like mine is that no little prairie breeze is going to knock me over. ;)

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