Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sweater progress

I'm still enjoying knitting this yarn, and have made some good progress on the sweater. I'm just past the beginning of the arm pits, and I'm contemplating what kind of a neck style to use. I'm thinking it'll be a "V" with possibly cabling around it. I think I'll try that, but may end up frogging it a couple of times.

Here's the front so far:
The bottom half pulls in so strongly that it's hard to see the shape. The piece is actually straight, and I'm taking care of shaping with the k6, p2 and cabling. Here's a detail of the cabling:
I do have another sweater in progress that is missing only a few inches of one sleeve and finishing, and I really should just make myself finish that one first before getting too much into this one. But it might already be too late... oops. I had some problems with the other sweater, and as you probably know, that can easily move a project to the "unfinished for ever" category. I used a pattern from the Vogue knitting November issue (sorry, I can't find a picture that I could link), and even though I had doubts about the sleeves being too skinny, just kept on going, untill after I pieced it together, and finally believed that indeed, they were way too skinny! And also too short for my monkey arms. So I ordered tqo more balls of yarn, frogged the sleeves back to less than half way, and that's where I still am. Maybe my goal for my posting next weekend will be having finished pieces to show, and who know, maybe even a finished sweater. Keep your fingers crossed!
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