Thursday, April 06, 2006


All right, all those of you, who neglected to tell me that lace knitting is completely addictive, my husbands wrath will be upon you, once he finds out the total lack of house work getting done during his weekend away! Beware! And also, let this be a warning to those of you, who've yet to have started working on a lace scarf of any kind. It is addictive, and when you start to see the pattern emerge, you just can't put it down -you have to knit one more row, and one more row, and one more... to see what it'll look like. I started yesterday after getting the yarn into a ball (let me tell ya, 440 yards of yarn is a lot to wind into a ball without a winder):
I actually decided against Ene's scarf, because most of the pattern in the middle of the scarf is... well, a little dull. I wanted something more! So I was contemplating between two fairly similar patterns,
Anna's shawl by Lynda, and Eunny's shawl, both of which can be found free of charge on their web sites. I decided to go with Eunny's because of the more suitable size for me, and the really pretty edging. Here's how far I am tonight:
I love it how the waves look like leaves in the green color. This picture actually displays the true color of the yarn very well. Mostly green with some blueish and more yellow green tones.

And a picture of the Shimmer that I also dyed -now this picture again doesn't show the true color very well, it is darker and more violet than this, and the yarn has very much of a shimmer, which doesn't show at all in any of the pictures I took. But here it is:
I like it much more than before dyeing. I haven't decided on a pattern, but it'll have to be something quite delicate, because of the light weight of the yarn. And triangular, probably, since the green one will be rectangular. Posted by Picasa


Terhi said...

The shawl looks really beautiful, I love the colour! Terveisiä räntäsateisesta Suomesta... :-D

erica said...

Your shawl is beautiful. I know exactly what you mean by lace knitting being addictive. I love it and have made myself take a break from it to get some other projects finished.

Welcome to the MWK (Midwest Knitters) blog ring.

erica said...
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Monica said...

Your dyed yarn looks lovely and works nicely with the pattern.