Saturday, May 13, 2006

Flame socks

Ok, so the not-my-favorite color yarn turned into socks (I wasn't going to give up!). Here's the heel in progress:
And here they are done:

The pooling (which was actually somewhat planned) reminded me of flames, hence the name Flame socks. Here's one from the side to better show you the length (couldn't get the colors quite right in this one, the one about is pretty close to the truth):

Oh, and do I need a tan... :D

I spent a lot of time adjusting the fit, but I'm glad I did, because these fit me perfectly! This will be sort of my prototype sock, because I have a feeling I will be using this yarn a lot in the future.

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beadlizard said...

Lotta, that is one of the best variegated dye jobs I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot). I know you weren't too pleased with the two-step process, how the colors in the first phase were too distinct, but look at it now! The golden yellow adds depth and a subtle patterning to the background, and the contrasting smaller dark stripes are perfect! I love the way it swirls and pools and speckles. Usually a person can only find one of those qualities in commercial yarn. The fine dark lines are especially nice.

The fit of the socks is excellent, too. Did you see the short shank red sock Cassie is working on?

So, can I hire you to dye a few hanks for me??? Please, pretty please? I can't use dyes anymore because of the cancer and gave all my dyes and notebooks away years ago. Any colourway, but the same-ish kind of detail you've achieved here? Think about it??? --Sylvia