Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yummy yarn...

I had placed an order at Inspirations Yarn a while back, and almost forgot about it when I got an e-mail that they had computer problems and orders were delayed. I was too busy with other stuff to even have thought about the whole thing. The first time I started wondering about where that yarn might be was yesterday. And guess what, it showed up today! What a nice surprise. So in essence, I only waited for it for one day. :) I got two skeins of Decaf and two Java (only one in the picture), both machine washable. Decaf is a worsted weight (on the thinner side, I think), and Java a sports/sock yarn. I am so excited to try dyeing these! I really didn't have any idea what to expect quality-wise, but so far I'm really liking both yarns.

Now one of the kids declared yesterday that he must have orange socks! All right then. So tonight we prepared a concoction that is supposed to end up orange with dark brown tiger stripes. Here he is modeling the color of his T-shirt next to the crock pot with the yarn in it.

All very orangy (yes, I had a little Photoshop fun...): Here's a picture of the yarn in the pot, and my little contraption to get the stripe color in the same pot but not mixing with the orange: can you see what that is? It's a big glass inside the crock pot with the dark brown dye in it!
And it's working fabulously! Here's a shot right after I pulled it out of the pot, rinsing in the sink:

These will be quite the socks, I think. ;)

I know I should have done a better job preparing the yarn for this, because it will be an absolute nightmare trying to wind this into a ball from this mess... I might be teaching myself a lesson here...

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