Saturday, May 20, 2006

Don't be so...

Oh, wait... deja vu... haven't I seen this square already? -Oh, no, this is a different one! This one will come to live it's life as a pot holder, with another friend just like it, with just a little bit different coloring. Well, they will be more than friends, they will be married, fused together, felted back to back, unseparable from each other. As of yet, Mr Square here has no idea of what lies ahead, because his partner is still being created. But he will find out soon enough.
As for other news, I should tell you about my little trip to Minneapolis and a couple of yarn stores there, but because my camera's battery is dead, and I don't like to post without pictures, that will have to wait. Maybe tomorrow... I also have a ton of post ideas that are brewing in my little head, as well as many UFO's that are begging to have their pictures posted on the blog. So there is no lack of potential content, just a lack of time. Like many other bloggers, all that yard work is slowing me down -it is May, after all. I will try to find the time to put these ideas into writing/pictures soon.

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