Sunday, February 04, 2007

Socks and sweaters

Remember the yarn diet I was participating with? Well, that started February first, and one of the ideas of this whole thing is to try to knit as much as you can during the month of February. The winner takes home a prize that -of course - is yarn. But only projects started during this month count, so I was trying to finish off a couple of projects. The first one was E's sweater that has been in the works since Thanksgiving. And I have to admit that it still isn't quite finished, I need to bind off the collar, and find a suitable zipper.

I used a crochet enforced steek for the front:
Cutting the steek:And here's what it looked like after cutting:

The steeks were folded under and stitches picked up from the top:
I don't have a picture of the collar yet, but maybe some day you'll actually get to see the finished product.

I also worked on my travel project, a pair of stockinette stitch socks from Koigu KPPPM. I haven't really shown any pictures of these before, because they've lived in my bag and in my car. I don't remember the colorway, and my Little Helper took care of shredding the bands before I got a chance to write it down. He's very helpful that way. ;) Anyhow, here are the finished socks:
I liked the color much better on the skein than knitted up. The colors, even though lovely, turn out a little messy looking. But I love my new socks anyway!

Then onto the new project. I started from scratch, planning the pattern using my Excel spreadsheet again:Not the best picture ever, but you get the idea... I like it how once you've got the spreadsheet, figured out, doing the math for a new project is a breeze. Then I just print out the sheets, and off I go. I'm using Tahki Donegal Tweed and 4.5 mm needles, so it's coming out pretty fast:This is the right front. It will have a zipper closing, raglan sleeves and minimal shaping at the waist. I might add pockets, not quite sure yet.

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gleek said...

i actually love the socks! that's the best part of koigu. it never seems to pool :)