Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just in time!

Just in time before it gets too warm to wear anything thick and woolly, that is! I finished my burnt red cadigan:Pattern: my own, started on Feb 2, finished on Feb 17
Yarn: Tahki Donegal Tweed
Needles: 4.5 mm circular Knitpicks

I very much like how it turned out, but the yarn wasn't the most pleasant to knit with. It was quite rough and non-elastic, so it was very hard on my fingers. Especially since I was only knitting this and nothing else for the last two weeks. But again, I like the end result, so I guess it was worth the pain.

This tweedy yarn is very light, it only took about 550 g to knit a medium size sweater, which is not very much at all! I had bought a full bag, which was 8 100 g skeins (not 10 as usual and as I thought it would be), and first I wasn't sure if it would be enough. Well, it was plenty, and now I have over 2 full skeins to figure out what to do with.

As far as I can remember, this was the first zipper I had put on a cardigan. It wasn't as diffucult as I thought, actually it was easier than most zippers, because you don't even have to fold the fabric under, so you can just sew over it once and you're done.

When I find the time, I will write the pattern out and publish it here.

Next is another sweater from a fine boucle yarn. I'll tell more about that when I have finalized my plans.


Chery said...

Beautiful! I'd love to knit up that pattern when you post it.

Lisa said...

VERY, VERY NICE! Love tweedy yarns, however have never knit with tweeds. Must change that very soon.

gleek said...

it certainly does look great and warm! the perfect late winter cardigan methinks :)

inukshuk71 said...

Congratulations, it's lovely and it looks so warm too!

Päivi said...

Tosi kivan näköinen taas toi sun uus neule! Mä inhoan tuota kappaleiden yhdistämistä!! :/

Tuulia said...

hei vaan ja kiitos kommentista! Musta Presidents' Day on ihan kissanristiäispäivä jos kerta mie olen menossa postiin (ja on se kauhia vesisade) eikä posti ole just sillon auki kun se on normaalisti sunnuntainakin auki :)

Miekin luen sun blogia, olen vaan laiska kommentoimaan :)