Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sweater progress

I guess I'd better write an update on my progress on the green cardi, since Maud said to come look at my blog for another version of Anna's Pippa. ;)

I've actually made pretty good progress, what with the trip to Quebeck and a quick turn-around in New York a couple of weeks ago. I was actually hoping to finish this weekend, but the good weather and gardening interrupted my knitting in a very effective manner. It's about midnight, and this is the first time today that I sit down and have a moment to knit.

I have both the fronts, the back, and one sleeve done, and have just started on the second sleeve. I initially bought 10 balls of yarn, but half way through the sleeve it was obvious that I was going to run out, so I went and bought 2 more. Now I may actually have a full ball left over, but this being one of my favorite yarns (Rowan Wool Cotton), I don't mind.

Yesterday at the garden store, we got something a little different just for fun. We saw these water plants that are for fish ponds, and I thought why couldn't we have a little pond in a pot and a couple of plants in it.

The big one is called water lettuce, and is such an interesting plant. The leaves are all thick and puffy. The little things floating on the water -well, I can't remember what they were called, but those were sold by the quarter cup. They are very cute up close: In the water we also have a few long skinny plants that Mr S calls snakes and I would call just water weeds. They are the same ones I just hate when they touch my leg or foot, when I'm swimming. But in a pot on the deck, they are just fine. ;)

Here's a few more garden shots for your enjoyment (click for bigger):

The container garden on the deck, mainly herbs and salad greens:

Some berries and vedgetables, and a garden helper:

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Liz said...

OH she is looking gorgeous! I love that colour, but sadly it is not a colour I should wear anywhere near my face, unless looking sick and pale is the new black.

ooo vegies, and grapes!