Saturday, June 23, 2007

More baby stuff...

I have to admit that knitting baby stuff is addicting. Everything gets finished so quickly and it's all so cute! But this addiction is actually ok, since so many of my coworkers are having/have recently had a baby (the baby in the last post is not mine, she belongs to a friend -just thought I'd clarify). So I can easily knit a whole bunch of baby garments without feeling weird about it. ;)

This is for a little baby girl that was born last week:

It shoul fit her just as the weather starts to get cool again sometime this fall. The pattern was the usual "make-it-up-as-you-go", using Blue Sky Dyed Cotton and 4.5 mm needles. It's a little thick for a baby, but I had ordered this yarn and the color wasn't what I expected -not something I'd wear, but fits a baby perfectly. And the yarn is soooo soft!

I've also ordered the pattern for the EZ Baby Surprise Sweater, and I think I'll be making a couple of those, once I get the pattern in the mail. Unfortunately Schoolhouse Press can't send their patterns electronically, so you have to wait for the mailman to bring it. (What business these days doesn't have the capability to PDF documents and e-mail them?... I just wonder...)

I finished Pippa last weekend, and I have to say I'm most happy with it. I love the color, love the softness of the yarn (I hope it wears well) and love the fit. This sweater will get used a lot!

Pattern: Pippa by Anna aka Amelia Raitte
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton, 11 balls, 50 g each
Needles: Addi bamboo 3.25 mm circular
Mods: I started the neck line a little earlier than specified in the pattern.

This was a very nice basic sweater pattern, nothing goofy or too complicated. It is fairly short, so there are no waist shaping or decreases, just increases for the chest. The sleeves are pretty long, which I prefer, and my arms are quite long anyway. But if your arms are short, you might want to make them a little shorter.

And one more shot of the matching earrings I happened to have:

Which reminds me, I should take and post some pictures of my hand made jewellery some time...


pat said...

Pippa is gorgeous! - I love simple cardigans and this one is perfect. I also like your deeper neckline mod - very nice.
Oh and the little cotton baby sweater is adorable - I'm so impressed that you can "make it up as you go"!!!

Maureen said...

Your sweaters are beautiful. I love the baby sweater. the feather and fan on the bottom is a sweet touch.

Lisa said...

Both of the sweaters are gorgeous. Great job on them!

Cindy said...

Wow! I love your green sweater! And the baby sweater is very cute, great choice on the buttons.

Lisa said...

both sweaters are beautiful. I love the green and matching earrings.

would really love to see your hand made jewellery!