Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Dark Side

Yes, I admit it. I take occassional trips to the dark side. Every now and then, the urge hits me, and I just have to do it. It doesn't last long, but passes fairly quickly. This time it was inspired by the fact that I noticed a little friend of mine was missing a summer hat. And a fine lady can't very well go around without a hat! This problem had to be fixed immediately.

Enter Rowan Cotton Glace and a crochet hook and two days later, The Hat:

Modeled here by a very conveniently sized foam ball:

This would have taken even less time, had I had a pattern and had I crocheted a test swatch, or at least done some planning. But without any one of those, I made the whole thing at least 2 or 3 times with all the ripping back.

I added a little flower to hold the brim up:

And here's the young lady with her new hat. It ha a little room for her sweet head to grow yet, but all in all it fits pretty well.


pat said...

What a wonderful visit to the dark side!!
An adorable little hat (and baby)!

Lisa said...

OMG the hat looks so freaking cute on your little cutie!