Sunday, August 27, 2006

Slow progress...

The progress on the Latvian mittens seems terribly slow, and I really had to push myself a little to get them finished. Finished but no thumbs, yet, that is.
I still like the pattern, but mailny because of the slow going caused by the level of detail, found myself wishing I would only have to make one mitten. But because I have no one-handed friends, I was forced to make two of them.

I have a feeling they will stay like this, until it gets cold enough to need mittens. A couple of months, that is. The first frosty morning, and I'll have all the motivation I need to finish them.

I've been working on a couple of other things, too, because only working on the mittens for several weeks would drive me nuts. I've made some progress on the sweater, but that is going to be another post. One thing I started was Fina hyrnan, also from the book "Three-cornered and Long Shawls":

It starts from the long edge with a provisional cast on, so the beginning is very slow... And as far as I can tell, the whole pattern has nothing too interesting in it, until you get to knit the border. But it's good TV knitting, and that's all I need right now. I got to spend all my detail-oriented energy on the mittens, and I'm done for a while. ;) Actually, the reason I picked this pattern was mainly that the size fit what I have left of this yarn. It's the same stuff I used for the Print O' the Wave, and I have less than it would take for a full size shawl.


Sigga Sif said...

Wow, the Latvian mittens are beautiful. Come on, you've done the worst part now. Go knit the thumbs ;-)

Was that nasty?

Beth S. said...

What incredible mittens! They're some of the prettiest I have ever seen, I think.

begknitter said...

Those are beautiful mittens. I was just an amazon looking at the book and saw your piccie - now I'll have to get it myself!!!

Maud said...

Beautiful mittens, absolutely beautiful! How are thumbs about to be patterned?