Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jaywalker progress:

From the picture from last weekend: the completed sock yesterday (sorry for the not-so-sharp picture, I'm not in good terms with my camera right now):

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I'm pretty pleased with them, wore them all day today. :) But like I already said earlier, this pattern works well only with a more springy yarn. I don't think I'll be knitting with Wild Foote anymore, I can't say I would have really liked the yarn.
But now it's finally time for something else. I went and bought Addi bamboo circular needles (first time I try the Addi bamboos) for my Filatura di Crosa yarn, and I have some sort of a plan for the sweater, but I need to make another swatch with the new needles to make sure my gauge stays the same. And I guess I need to stick to my vow of knitting something for a charity or other good cause after every time I finish something for myself. That means a quick square tonight while watching a movie.

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