Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day

I've been working on a little coin purse to take part in Sia's NeuleIdea (Knitting Idea) contest that ends at midnight tonight. Last minute? Oh, no, I've still got several hours left! I'm hoping this isn't too close to the "bags" category that is not included in the contest. The purpose of my coin purse is to have something to carry with me that I can take to a store to carry some money and credit cards in, instead of my giant purse that is very heavy. At least if you're strolling around the mall for a couple of hours.

Here's my little purse:

I used some left-over sock yarn, maybe about 50-60 g of it, and size 3.0 mm needles. The pattern is mine, nothing too special, just a tube knitted in a lace pattern. The strap is 7-stitch I-cord.

I lined the inside in some quilting cottong I had laying around. The side facing the knitted lace is red, because the underside of the red-and-green fabric didn't look too attractive showing through the holes in the lace.

Here's another shot for scale:

That is my hand inside the purse, and that's about all you can fit in it. Actually, if I made another one, I could use them as pockets to keep my hands warm. Hmm... :D


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. Love the colors. Well done. Hmmm, … stroking chin thoughfully … pockets, suspended pockets. Might be something in that.

spajonas said...

cute bag!

Anonymous said...

Olen ihan mykistynyt! Nuo on kaikki siis niin upeita! Kyllä sun ehdottomasti ois saatava se unelma toteutettua!
Hyvää alkanutta vuotta 2007!

Käyhän vastavierailulla!!

Lezicle said...