Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The most softestest awesomest yarn...

(Yes, softestest is a thing. Not a typo.)

Yesterday I drove over to my favorite yarn shop (The Yarnery in St Paul, MN) over lunch to find some yarn for a shawl project. I usually browse through the different sections of the store even if I have a particular yarn and project in mind, just to see what's new. And to touch yarn, because, as you know, touching yarn just makes you feel better. And who doesn't need to feel better on a Monday?

Anyhow, I came across a little sample knitted out of Shibui Knits Pebble. O.M.G. This yarn... it was the softest, the most beautiful tactile experience, while looking like Real Wool. (You know, a little rough, not too smooth or shiny.) It's made out of recycled silk, merino, and cashmere. And while those are all wonderful fibers, I rarely go for something with silk or cashmere, and I've started to move away from merino toward more Real Wool containing yarns. But this stuff... I wanted to wrap myself in it, rub it on my face, and not let go.

Pebble on the left with a ball of Zauberball Original
But this awesome buttery stuff was not cheap. Over $18 for 25 g. So I settled for one skein, which I will use as a contrast color in my shawl, just to remind myself of the awesomeness that exists.

When the world seems to be going crazy, it's good to have something to remind you of wonderful and beautiful things out there.