Thursday, January 29, 2015

Toes too!

The cold snap we experienced a couple of weeks ago caused a sudden urge to knit something really warm. And to knit it fast! What better project than slippers:

There are still several members of the family that don't yet have these perfect foot warmers. Last winter I started from the bigger end and then lost interest after I made two pairs. This time I started from the middle of the size range and have so far made 2.5 pairs.

I think the "wrong" side looks better than the right side, so I'm turning them inside out.

I'm using my basic slipper recipe, starting with a rectangle at the heel, picking up stitches along two of the edges, knitting until past the opening, casting on a few stitches for the top, and finishing like the foot of a sock. Usually these take a couple of rounds in the washer and a round or two in the dryer to be properly felted.

Yarn: Cascade Yarn eco+
Needles: 6 mm

Monday, January 26, 2015

Keep them warm!

Felted mittens for my husband. These babies were also in the UFO basket for about a year. See a theme here?
I think my husband is starting to get the picture that if I start something for him, he can wait at least a year for it to be finished. Oops... (The need to finish these may have had something to do with the need to free up the long 3 mm circular needle... more about that later.)

The yarns are random left overs. The greens are fingering weight yarns left over from sweater projects, and the gray is some mystery yarn from my mom. I held the green at the tip double to get a similar gauge as the gray. I felted these with a couple of rounds in the washer and dryer, plus a little bit of hand felting for the top portion to get it down to the right size. All three yarns were rather unprocessed and felted wonderfully to a soft and super warm fabric with a little fuzz.

Yarn: fingering and DK left overs (the dark green was Geilsk Tynd Uld; the lighter one is similar but a different brand)
Needle: 3 mm

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vitamin D-2

Some extra vitamin D is surely needed here in the depths of winter! I really loved my first Vitamin D sweater so I decided to make another one in a different color. That was about two years ago... I lost steam a couple of times, and recently this sweater has been just laying around, waiting for the ends to be woven in and to get a good blocking. Somehow I finally got the urge to finish this sweater that had languished in the UFO basket for so long.

 The reason for the contrast color is that I was going to run out of yarn and was not going to be able to find the same dye lot anymore (another reason to get stalled on the progress). I thought that a clearly different color would look better than just a slightly different one.


The poor sweater has been in UFO state so long that I've lost the ball bands and can't remember what the yarn was. Some fingering weight alpaca that only comes in natural colors... Needle size? perhaps 3.5 mm. Or 3.25 mm.