Sunday, August 20, 2006

Black Lace Socks

I have thought about posting the pattern for the secret socks that I flashed a little bit back in June.
My initial thought was to try and publish the pattern in an online magazine like I did the Wavy Socks, but I've held off on that for some reason, and finally decided to post it here. So this is what the rest of the sock looks like:

It's a delicate all over lace pattern, perfect for the time when you have to start digging out socks from the depths of your dresser. The stitches are decreased in the back of the leg a little bit to give a better fit, since the lace isn't all that stretchy. And here's the pattern:
Black Lace Socks
Lotta Breyer, 2006
Size: the pattern is for a size M (my shoe size is US 8.5 W or EU 39).
Yarn: Regia sock wool, 75 % wool, 25 % polyamide
Gauge: (stockinette stitch): 10 cm (4”) = 31 s or 45 rows
Needles: 2.5 mm
Cast on 68 s. Join in the round and knit in k1p1 rib for 13 rounds, twisting the knit stitches. Begin lace pattern according to chart, knit firsth round. Every other row is charted, and every other row is knit plain. During the 12th round begin decreases in the middle back of the sock. Decrease 1 stitch (alternate k2tog and ssk) every 6th round until you have 58 s left (10 times). Knit 9 1/2 repeats of the lace pattern (9*8 + 4 = 76 rounds).

In the chart:
Empty squares are knit stitches
O = yarn over
/ = k2tog
\ = ssk
Δ = slip 2 stitches together, k1, pull slipped stitches over knit stitch
Short row heel using 30 stitches. Decrease stitches until you have 10 stitches on both sides and 10 in the middle.
More detailed instructions for the heel:
Use the last 15 and first 15 stitches ( = 30 s) to knit the heel. Knit in stockinette stitch until you reach the last stitch of the 30. Slip the stitch to the right needle, bring the yarn to the front, and slip the stitch back to the left needle. Turn the work. Purl to the next to last stitch, slip the last stitch to the right needle, bring the yarn to the back and slip the stitch back to the left needle. Turn. Each time leave one more stitch, until you have 11 live stitches in the middle and 11 wrapped stitches on both sides. Start picking up the wrapped stitches one at a time at the end of each row, until all 33 stitches are live again. When you come to a wrapped stitch, pick up the wrapping yarn and knit it together with the stitch.
After the heel, pick up one stitch on both sides of the heel -> 60s. Continue knitting in lace pattern on top of the foot and in stockinette stitch in the bottom. Begin toe decreases on the 91st round after the heel or when 2.5 cm (1”) of your toes are still showing. Decrease every 10th stitch, 3 decreases on the top, 3 on the bottom side. Continue lace pattern for 8 ½ repeats after the heel or adjust to the length of your foot. Decrease again so that the decreases align on rounds 95, 98, 101 and after that every other round, until you have 12 stitches remaining. Cut the yarn and pull through remaining stitches. Weave in ends.
Copyright Lotta Breyer, 2006.
You may copy and use this pattern for your own personal use, but, please, don’t sell, distribute, or copy it for others without my permission.
Happy feet.

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Phoenix Ascending said...

I love these socks. They are definately on my list of "must knit soon" items. I am currently involved in a yarn/pattern swap and would love to send the pattern to my swap partner. Would that be OK? Thanks a bunch.