Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wavy socks pattern

Wavy socks
Lotta Breyer, 2006
Yarn: The yarn used in the pattern is Inspirations Yarn Java. You can try substituting another sock yarn, such as Blue moon Sock Candy or Socks That Rock, or Regia, Koigu, etc.
Gauge: (stockinette stitch): 10 cm (4”) = 30 s or (EDIT:) 40 rows (or 18-19 WPI)
Needles: 2.5 mm or to get gauge. This pattern can be knitted on DP’s or circulars, but circulars are recommended because of the pattern.
The pattern fits a medium sized foot (about US 8-8 ½). To get a wider sock, knit the stitch pattern in multiples of 12 s (→ 72 s), or to get a narrower sock, knit in multiples of 10 s (→ 60 s).
S stitch
R row
K knit
P purl
K2tog knit two stitches together
SSK slip one stitch, knit one and pull slipped stitch over it
YO yarn over
Cast on 66 s (60 s for small, 72 s for large). Join in the round and knit k1p1 rib, twisting the knit stitches (knit through the back loop), 12 rows. (If you’re knitting with 60 s, you can also do a k3p2 rib, or k2p2. If you’re knitting with 72 s, you can do a k2p2 rib. Don’t twist the knit stitches, if you’re using one of these ribs.)
Start the stitch pattern (see chart below):
R1: *k9, k2tog, YO*, repeat *-* 5 more times
R2: *k8, k2tog, k1, YO*, repeat *-* 5 more times
R3: *k7, k2tog, k2, YO*, repeat *-* 5 more times.
Continue according to chart.
Second part of the stitch pattern (rows 11-20)
R11: k1, YO, *SSK, k9, YO*, repeat *-* 4 more times, SSK, k8
R12: k1, YO, *k1, SSK, k8, YO*, repeat *-* 4 more times, k1, SSK, k7
R13: k1, YO, *k2, SSK, k7, YO*, repeat *-* 4 more times, k2, SSK, k6
Continue according to chart.
In the first part of the stitch pattern the YO is always at the end of the repeat, and the k2tog travels right (see chart). In the second part, the repeat is off by 2 stitches, and the SSK travels left.
Knit 3 repeats of the pattern (3 x 20 r = 60 r)
If you’re using a 10 s stitch pattern, start R1 by k8, k2tog, YO. 12 s stitch pattern, R1: k10, k2tog, YO.

In the chart:
Empty squares are knit stitches
O = yarn over
/ = k2tog
\ = ssk
Short row heel using 33 stitches, knit until you have 11 s remaining in the middle section.
More detailed instructions for the heel:
Use half of the stitches in the work to knit the heel. Knit in stockinette stitch until you reach the last stitch. Slip the stitch to the right needle, bring the yarn to the front, and slip the stitch back to the left needle. Turn the work. Purl to the next to last stitch, (EDIT:) slip the last stitch to the right needle, bring the yarn to the back and slip the stitch back to the left needle. Turn. Each time leave one more stitch, until you have 11 live stitches and 11 wrapped stitches on both sides. Start picking up the wrapped stitches one at a time at the end of each row, until all 33 stitches are live again. When you come to a wrapped stitch, pick up the wrapping yarn and knit it with the stitch.
Continue knitting in the stitch pattern on top of the foot, and in stockinette stitch in the bottom. It will make knitting the pattern easier, if you move one of the bottom stitches to the top on both sides. It will seem like the pattern skews to one side at first, but the second part of the repeat will bring it right back.
Knit 2 ½ pattern repeats or until 2.5 cm (1 inch) of your tallest toe is still showing. It will look nicer, if you knit to the end or to half way on the pattern repeat before starting the toe decreases. If needed, you can knit a couple of rounds of stockinette before starting the decreases.
Star the decreases so that they continue from where the decreases are in the last pattern repeat, every 11th stitch. Decrease in the same spot every 3rd row. When you have 6 stitches remaining, cut the yarn and pull through the remaining stitches. Weave in ends.
Copyright Lotta Breyer, 2006.
You may copy and use this pattern for your own personal use, but, please, don’t sell, distribute, or copy it for others without my permission.


inukshuk71 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pattern Lotta. I love it and will certainly make it my next pair of socks.

spajonas said...

lovely pattern! thanks for translating this. i'm sure that the socktoberfest people will definitely be knitting this one up!

Heather said...

I saw a pair of these on Flikr, and I love them. Could you tell me how much yarn I should have? Thank you!