Thursday, January 29, 2015

Toes too!

The cold snap we experienced a couple of weeks ago caused a sudden urge to knit something really warm. And to knit it fast! What better project than slippers:

There are still several members of the family that don't yet have these perfect foot warmers. Last winter I started from the bigger end and then lost interest after I made two pairs. This time I started from the middle of the size range and have so far made 2.5 pairs.

I think the "wrong" side looks better than the right side, so I'm turning them inside out.

I'm using my basic slipper recipe, starting with a rectangle at the heel, picking up stitches along two of the edges, knitting until past the opening, casting on a few stitches for the top, and finishing like the foot of a sock. Usually these take a couple of rounds in the washer and a round or two in the dryer to be properly felted.

Yarn: Cascade Yarn eco+
Needles: 6 mm

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Saija said...

Tohvelit on aina hyvät ja kivat lapaset ja kaikkea kivaa sulla on täällä.