Sunday, October 29, 2006

Secret projects

Santa's work shop opened it's doors yesterday, and in the next two months there will be many secret projects around here. Some of them can be blogged about, some not until after Christmas. I hope you all understand!

I made a little trip to LYS #1 yesterday, and was a little disappointed with what they had available, it being Christmas season and all. I mean, if I was the owner of a yarn store, I would make damn sure that I'm stocked up to the ceiling two months before Christmas! But LYS #1? Oh, no. Even the yarns they had before were all picked over, only few weird colorways left and some shaggy looking balls of yarn in half empty bins. Sad. My list was rather long, but I only found two things (Blogger is not allowing me to download pictures right now, so you'll just have to follow the links), one being a nice fluffy lace weight yarn called Fishnet by Suss Yarn (color Aqua) for making a scarf for MIL. It has a lot of acrylic in it, but since I'm not sure how sensitive she is to itchy yarn and it being a scarf that you'd wear on your neck, I thought I'd play it safe and get something very non-itchy. The other thing I got was a skein of Malabrigo in Velvet Grapes (scroll down into the variegated colors). They only had 1 skein, though, and I would have wanted 2, because from experience, I know that 1 skein makes a rather small scarf. And they only had 4 colorways left of Malabrigo anyways.

I'm using a triangular feather and fan type pattern for the scarf for MIL, and I've already got a pretty good start on it. Maybe next time I'll even be able to show you a picture! The Malabrigo will also turn into a scarf for a friend. Not quite sure of the pattern, yet, but it'll come to me. ;) I may have to order another skein, though, to make it a decent size.


Maud said...

Santa is having a local branch of the work shop over here too. It only gets it 's work confused up by three veery close relatives/family members having birthdays in December. Talk about bad planning, having babies in December. Oups, two of those are my children. Hmm, what did I really think about?
Anyway, still in the planning phase over here, but there will be a hectic period of Santa and birthday work.

gleek said...

i have some of that suss yarn and can't wait to use it! it's so soft and fluffy :)

what is it with blogger lately? all my friends that use it keep complaining about not being able to upload pictures. hhmmmm..

BAM said...

Malabrigo reminds me a little bit of Manos Del Uruguay. Sheep in the city has a lovely pattern you might like for your scarf: