Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A brown package

hmm... what could be in it?
Could it be?? Is it she?

Even the Helper is helping! This is a big job! (Notice the book he is carrying around: "Writing Research Papers" :D -gotta start them early!)

Maybe this will give you a hint:

Oh, wow, you guessed it! It's the Argyle vest! Hooray! Finally all done, and even the shoulders fit:

Although I apologize for the subpar picture -it was taken with the timer late at night in bad light. It was a little too late to wake up the Husband to take a picture of the finished product. Somehow I don't think he would have appreciated... Maybe tomorrow, when the vest is completely dry (yes, it's still quite damp in that picture), I'll model it with a button down shirt, like I'm planning on wearing it to work, and have him take a proper picture.


Chery said...


Oldbury8663 said...

Lovely. You did a great job.

Sigga Sif said...

Very nice job! It fits you perfectly.