Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trying to keep warm

I had a lot of incentive to finish this one fast. It has been about -10 F, or -25 C here for a while already, and I'm running out of warm sweaters to wear, unless I want to wear the same clothes for weeks on end. So, enter new soft and warm cardi:

Like I said, this was a fast knit. Possibly even the fastest sweater I ever put together, right around two weeks from start to finish. I used my own pattern - raglan sleeves, pieces knit flat, with garter stitch details in the hem, collar and sleeves. I wanted to keep it simple, because the yarn was so smooth, and every small little detail really stands out. Plus I like simple cardigans with one or two interesting but subtle details.
I ended up re-knitting the collar and button bands once, because the first try was just too bulky and not nearly as neat as I wanted. The second time I used a smaller needle and knit less rows for both, and ended up with a much more satisfying result.

I happened to have the perfect buttons in my stash. I think the warm wood color adds just enough interest so that the cardigan doesn't look dull.

Technical details:
Yarn: Adrianne Vittadini Trina, 16 x 50 g
Needles: 5.0 mm Clover bamboo circular, 3.5 mm Inox aluminum circular for collar and button bands


Michele said...

Love it...neutral enough to go with everything!

Elsa Xenia said...

Sån fin och enkel tröja! Det första jag ser på i ett mönster är hur bra det passar, och den här passar dig verkligen utmärkt bra. Halskanten är passligt rund, ärmarna tillräckligt vida och långa.

Melanie said...

Such a beautiful, classic and elegant cardigan! Well done.

Lisa said...


be*mused jan said...

You have knitted my dream sweater! I love the simplicity of your design. Lovely.
By the way, I found you through your review of the Upitis Mitten book on Amazon!