Monday, July 30, 2007

Stop and smell the roses

I do still blog, I swear I do! Life just got in the way for a while. I have not only enjoyed the summer (and smelled the roses), but also covered North America from Seattle to New York in the last two weeks. In knitting terms, this means one finished object and lots of time thinking about new ones, and even some swatching (no photographic evidence of this).

May I present to you, Rose:

Rose is made out of Plassard Coton-Lin, a 60/40 cotton and linen blend, about sport weight, I would say, 195 m to 50 g. I used about 8 balls, I think. The finished fabric has a nice drape to it, and feels cool to the skin, like linen fabrics usually do.

I used a 3.75 mm needle for the lace in the bottom of the body and sleeves, and 3.25 mm for the stockinette top. I didn't like how loose it looked with the bigger needle -I'm usually more a fan of a smaller, tighter gauge, than a looser one.

I used an I-cord edging for both the front and back. Or in the front I actually just took advantage of the rolling of the stockinette, but the back side is true I-cord up to where the neck curves. And the cool thing is that you can't even tell where it switches from I-cord to stockinette.

I took the measurements from one of my favorite sweaters, and it fits perfectly. Me love Rose. :)

And if I ever get to it, there might be a pattern available for Rose. At least I wrote my notes so that it would be possible.


Maud said...

Ihana! Sopii, siis istuu, hyvin, kalua-aukko todella tyylikäs, väri erinomainen sinulle, kauniisti neulottu - what more can you ask for?

Annelie said...

Rose looks lovely!

Lisa said...

Wow, Rose is lovely! Good job. Love the i-cord there a link you can send me so I can look at how it is made?

Liz said...

What a beautiful sweater, beautiful colour on you too, love the lacey details, and the curve of the neckline!

pat said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the neckline,the lovely lace, the 3/4 sleeves - Rose is gorgeous and you look pretty in it! I'm so impressed that you designed this pullover yourself (from someone who is afraid not to follow patterns!)

KnitNana said...

WELLL...THIS Rose (Nana Sadie Rose, that is) would LOVE to have the pattern available sometime - that's just gorgeous!

vanessa said...

stunning sweater and rose fits you perfectly!