Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yes, there's been knitting! Like I said last time, I've been swatching. Nothing specific, I just wanted to try some of the stitch patterns form the new book. And somehow I've felt like doing just short little projects lately, nothing big and intensive. And by small I mean... well, small.

Don't ask me why, I don't know. This little tiny sock is obviously more decorational than functional, and I just felt like making one. That's all. The other small projects are a little bigger:

This is a cabled rib that I found particularly pretty. I think it would add a lot of interest to a basic ribbed sweater. I have no further plans for it, though, I just like it.

The same thing stretched out:
Here's another little square that I just felt like knitting:

A cotton wash cloth. I've never really used them, and wanted to find out what the fuss is all about. Now I can. ;)

I also got the Trekking socks done:

I almost feel bad about the hot weather now (almost), because I can't even think about wearing any of my hand knitted socks. Today the temperature was 33 C (90 F), and there was no way I was going to wear any kind of socks. Thankfully it was Sunday and our schedule consisted of gardening and grilling.

I was playing around with PhotoImpact a little:

I like PhotoImpact better than PhotoShop. I think PhotoShop is unnecessarily difficult for an amateur to use, it's insanely expensive, and PhotoImpact can do just about everything I would do in PhotoShop, anyway. And I'm not talking about professional use here, just me and my amateur photo editing needs. ;)

The next sock project is using the newly dyed yarn, colorway Pomegranate and a little bit of leftover blue from about a year ago:

I'm just having fun with the colors, and making the pattern up as I go. We'll see how it turns out.


pat said...

The light pink cable and rib is a beautiful stitch pattern...I think it deserves to be a sweater!
and the trekking socks are of course beautiful in their gorgeous trekking colors, but that last sock is the one that grabs me!! the pretty little blue picot edge and beautiful Pomegranate yarn - that is going to be an extra special sock!!!

Brandy said...

I like the start of the new sock! Am going to check out the software as well. Must have been something in the air this weekend, or your washcloth vibes travelled up the interstate, I felt compelled to make a washcloth this weekend as well.

Liz said...

Really like the cabled rib, had heard that that was a thing, but have never seen it knitted... lovely.... and the socks, both finished and started, and I am with you on the washcloth thing... never used one, let us know if it changes your life for the good!

muoriska said...

Terveisiä kotoSuomesta :)
Kuules olen suunnittelemassa että teen lainesukkasi mallilla sukan tuohon sockapalooza 4:ään vaihtoparilleni, ja jo nyt kun linkitin Ullan sivulle sain kyselyjä käännetystä ohjeesta.
Taidat sinä olla parempi kääntäjänä (:D).
Olisiko sellainen mahdollista.

muoriska said...

sorry pitää lukea ennenkuin kirjoittaa, sullahan se on jo valmiina.. linkkaampa homman kysyjälle. :)

joy said...

The wee sock is so cute. The cable rib would look great in a sock pattern.

Arianne said...

The link to post comments doesn't seem to be workign in your most recent post.

I wanted to just say that I think that a less detailed pattern would be the best way to go, with perhaps links to sites outside the blog where people who didn't know any of the included techniques could learn them elsewhere.