Sunday, September 10, 2006


I've been so close for so long to finishing this scarf! The first time I though I was close was after I was done with the center part, before realizing it was way to small, and I had to add something to it. The second time I thought I was close was after I finished the added leaf motif, and only had the border left. And then the whole time there after. And it's _still_not_done_! My goal was to finish it this weekend and post tonight with a blocking photo. Well, as you can see, not blocking yet. I actually only have two more charted rows to go (plus the reverse side rows and the crochet bind off), but each row being well over 500 stitches, I don't think I can reach my goal. Even though the kids are already in bed, and I was going to do some TV knitting with a movie rental. I couldn't possibly stay up as late as it would take me to finish.

And then there is this. Temptation with a capital T, and I'm just ITCHING to get started! It's going to be an Argyle vest, a very necessary piece of clothing in a fashion concious girl's closet, I've decided. I went to my LYS to pick up a couple of balls of green Wildfoote that they'd ordered for me, and ended up with this bagfull of yarn. They also had more temptations -Rowans new Tapestry (this might be one of my new favorite yarns), and Malabrigo (definitely one of my favorites). It was very hard to say no to these, but I actually rarely buy yarn that is not inteded for any specific project, and I just couldn't think of what to use the beautiful Tapestry for, and I didn't think I'd need a third Malabrigo scarf... so I demonstrated incredible willpower, and walked out of the store having bought only what I went there for. With the exception of the Vogue Knitting fall edition, but that doesn't count, since it's not yarn. ;)

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